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Lavender Fields by Joelle Levallet-Feldman
Lavender Fields by Joelle Levallet-Feldman with frame
Olive and Branch for the home

Lavender Fields by Joelle Levallet-Feldman


Lavender Fields by Joelle Levallet-Feldman

Original Pastel 8” x 10”
Framed Gallery Gold Frames 2” wide on each side. 

Joelle was born and raised in Normandy, France and returns every year to visit family and friends and rediscovers the endless supply of inspiring scenes, each begging to be painted. Joelle began working in watercolor over 30 years ago, and over time added pastels and oils, which have become her two media of choice for plein air and studiopainting. Each medium provides a different opportunity to capture a subject and moment. 
The landscapes and buildings of her native France home inspire her, as do individual natural elements, plants, fruits and simple daily life vignettes. Light, alignment,vibrant color and simplicity catch her eye.

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