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Written by Pam Plancon


Posted on October 31 2018

If you listen to any of Shannon Able's, Simply Luxurious Life podcasts or follow her blog you will know that she is a true Francophile at heart. Her annual French Week (a week of blog posts, podcasts and articles all related to French food, shopping and living) is testament to that. She also often writes, blogs, posts and cooks (check out her new vodcasts) to her French muse. Shannon has an inspirational way of speaking and she regularly reminds her listeners, readers and followers to enjoy the simple things in life.

I have had the pleasure over the past few days to read Shannon Ables newest book, Living the Simply Luxurious Life available November 13, 2018 (pre-order now for a signed copy).  In her new book she digs deep into how to live well - how to live a life of contentment and really a life of quality over quantity.

Her book, almost 400 pages, explores what it takes to live that simple, yet fulfilled life. Her writing  style is easy to digest with tips and inspiration throughout, such as:

Luxury is feeling you do not need anything to feel whole.
It all begins with getting back to simple.
Living a luxurious life does not require large amounts of money.

Each chapter delves deeper into an understanding of how you can simplify your life to appreciate the important things; from attaining effortless, elegant style; to building capsule menus to fit a healthy lifestyle; to being your authentic self and how to thrive in your career.

Her book encourages one to find their best selves by improving the quality of their lives through daily rituals, health habits and discovering one's unique skills. And her tone is truly that - encouraging. This is the book to keep handy by the bedside to remind yourself of how to live each day simply, elegantly, effortlessly and luxuriously. Thanks Shannon for a great tool.

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