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Paris Blue Book Giveaway!

Written by Pam Plancon


Posted on July 06 2022

I picked up my friend, Julie Scolnik’s memoire, Paris Blue, as soon as it was published in October BUT haven’t had a chance to start reading it until this past weekend (honestly I was saving it for that perfect reading moment – on the beach, in the sunshine). And, I can tell you I can’t put it down.
Paris Blue starts off with twenty year old American student Julie arriving in Paris to study the flute. From across a sea of faces in a chorus of the Orchestre de Paris, she is drawn to Luc, a striking (married) French lawyer in the bass section.
The book is a moving tale of an ebullient young American and a reserved Frenchman that will transport readers to the cafés, streets, and concert halls of Paris in the late seventies. Spanning three decades, the story evolves from deep romance to sudden heartbreak, and finally to a lifelong quest for answers to release hidden, immutable grief. Against a magical backdrop of Paris and classical music, Paris Blue is true fairy-tale memoir (with a dark underbelly) about the tenacious grip of first love.
Lucky us! Julie has given Olive and Branch two signed copies to giveaway!
How to enter to win? It’s as simple as 1,2,3
  1. Go to our on Facebook or Instagram pages and like our post,
  2. Add a comment and,
  3. Tag a friend who you would like to also receive the book.
We will be drawing the winner (and friend) on July 14th (the French holiday)!
If you can’t wait and want to order the book directly you can find it here. To follow her on her social platforms go here for Facebook or Instagram or for more visit
Merci et Bonne Chance!



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