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Traveling to France from the US - what you need to know

Written by Pam Plancon


Posted on October 12 2021

Paris is hopping and waiting for you! Museums are open, cafés are bustling and there is no need to wait to visit! With the ever changing Covid regulations it is hard to keep up with the travel requirements. Here's a few helpful tips from my visit in September- 

1) No need a for a Covid test prior to arriving to France. You must be fully vaccinated to enter France from the US but there is no need to get a Covid test before your travels. Prior to boarding you will need to fill out a "statement of honor" that you do not have Covid or have been exposed to Covid in the past 14 days. You can find that here (in English). Other than that, grab your ticket and hop on board your flight.

2) Pass Sanitaire The dreaded pass sanitaire which has been controversial in France is easy to acquire and vital to eat, sleep and visit while in France. It is the first thing you will be asked when you arrive at your hotel, sit down at a café or as you enter a museum. I know many friends of mine used their American passport and American vaccination card without any issue. I, however, wanted the security in knowing I was not going to be turned away anywhere and opted to seek out the official French pass. It's easy enough to acquire one in Paris (or any city). Simply, visit a local pharmacy and ask for a conversion. They review your US documents (passport and Covid vaccination card) and create the French version of the pass. You can download it to your phone and it is with you where ever you go. 

3) Masks I saw masks everywhere but they were not enforced unless you were inside a building, like a museum or walking through a restaurant.  You will need to wear one at the airport and throughout the entirety of your flight.

4) Getting back to the US You need a Covid test! Everyone is required to present a negatif covid test no more than three days prior to travel. The airlines enforce this and I did see an elderly couple and a younger man turned away in line at the queue for boarding because they did not have a Covid test.  Keep this in mind if you check in on line - no one will ask for your proof until you get to the gate queue and by then it is too late. The only option at the airport in the pharmacie and the lines were very long. You can get a Covid test at any pharmacy or testing sites (tents located throughout the city of Paris) and results are within minutes.

That's it! I hope you get to explore beautiful France again soon.





  • Much appreciated!

    Posted by Janie Spataro | November 01, 2023
  • Wonderful!! Thank you for the helpful tips 😎

    Posted by Mary La Fontaine | November 21, 2021
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