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Souleo Provence Pottery - Milk Jug
Olive and Branch for the home

Souleo Provence Pottery - Milk Jug


Souleo Provence Pottery - Milk Jug 

How lucky are we to have found a lovely collection of Souleo - Terre e Provence Style pottery! This gorgeous pottery, handmade in Provence, France is no longer in production and pieces are hard to find. With a brilliant gold, olive and sage raised relief enamel design, this one-of-a-kind, handmade pottery comes straight from the Mediterranean and is the
essence of Provence itself. The sun drenched gold and earthy terra cotta colors of these pieces make an impressive display for serving or decorating. The raised engobe technique creates delicate flowers and fruit garlands throughout. Hand washing is recommended to help sustain the beauty 
of the pottery.

All products are handmade and hand painted. Imperfections and color variations are part of the manufacturing process and lends to the charm and uniqueness of the products.

The beauty of Souleo pottery is their uniqueness from each other and the pattern variations. 


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